About Me


Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting Casually Courtney.

I’m Courtney Torres and I have a passion for everyday fashion, traditional and rustic decor and everyday makeup. My style is everyday style with a mix of designer accessories and affordable fashion. I love sharing amazing deals on anything lifestyle or fashion related, but also believe some luxury items are worth the splurge. I believe if we work hard, we deserve to treat ourselves now and again.

I am a Colorado Native, and I love taking advantage of all the beauty Colorado has to offer. I have a background in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising and have worked for a Public Safety and Telecom company as a Business Analyst for the past 5 years.

My other half is Derrick, the patient man behind all of my photos. He is a Financial Analyst at the same company as well as a Realtor. We have a fur baby named Jax, and have been in the long process of building a new home we can’t wait to move into.

I hope you enjoy following me and my lifestyle and fashion favorites. I look forward to sharing more of myself and I hope I can inspire you as well.