Our Love Story

As I’m sure you have noticed from previous posts, Derrick and I are getting married! The date is June 7, 2019 and we are so excited! Since we officially have 3 months to go, I wanted to share a little more into our love story and how he proposed.

The Beginning

We first met at work in 2014 after our teams merged and consolidated. After a few months of talking and flirting, we had our first date on 11/12/15. We ate tacos from CYCLHOPS and spent hours talking as if we had known each other our entire lives. We both left that date knowing we had found something special.

Our Life

We love to spend as much time as possible outside exploring the beauty of Colorado with our dog, Jax. Whether it be hiking, snowboarding, or just a quick getaway, the mountains hold a special place in our hearts. We also love to travel together. We have been to Chicago, Kauai, and most recently we explored Europe (Spain, Italy and France), which was a whirlwind experience and we would love to go back and tour some more! We love to explore and there are so many more places we would like to visit!

We also recently bought a new home that we moved into in September 2018. We have been trying to do as much work as possible to really make it feel like our own. I can’t wait to share some of our home ideas and decor once we get it going.

The Proposal

We love to be outside, so any chance we can make it to Breckenridge, Winter Park, Estes Park, or anywhere else in the mountains, we take it. It’s no secret one of our favorite places is Breckenridge. We first went there for Derrick’s birthday in 2016, and spent a week exploring the amazing trails and scenery the town had to offer. Ever since then, we have made an effort to go back as often as possible.

We each surprised each other on our birthdays this year with a little getaway to Breckenridge, except Derrick’s birthday surprise didn’t go as planned.

It was October 20th, 2018. We couldn’t check in to our hotel yet, so we decided to visit one of our favorite trails along Lake Dillon to “kill some time.” We made it about halfway around the trail where we stopped to take pictures of the gorgeous scenery…or so it seemed. It wasn’t until Derrick was down on one knee that it truly sank in. And the only answer was YES!

It was completely unexpected and the best surprise hijacking, all while in one of our favorite places.

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