Smile Brilliantly, Smile Confidently

Confidence, it’s what everyone strives for. Since becoming a blogger, I‘ve become slightly self-conscious seeing all these beautiful girls with dazzling white smiles. So, I took the plunge to try out custom-fitted whitening trays from Smile Brilliant and I am so happy I did! Now I can smile confidently, and know that I have a brilliant white smile!

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My Experience

As many of you know, I am a coffee and red wine lover! I drink coffee every single day, and I love a nice glass of red wine to unwind after a busy week. The only downside, is the staining that comes with it.

I have tried the at home remedies, white strips, and even a professional whitening session at a beatify studio. None of them compared to the results I saw with Smile Brilliant. It also didn’t even have to worry about my sensitive teeth, which was a struggle for me with other whitening methods.

I wanted to share with you my personal experience as well as answer some questions you may have going through your mind.

What if my teeth suffer from sensitivity?

As I mentioned above, I was a little apprehensive about tooth sensitivity since this is a professional teeth whitening system and I experienced sensitivity with whitening strips. Thank goodness Smile Brilliant offers a kit with desensitizing gel that helps prevent tooth sensitivity. This is the kit that I personally used, and I was very impressed.

How does it work?

One of my favorite parts is that you get to make your own custom-fitted trays right at home! The Smile Brilliant system is comparable to a teeth whitening procedure you’d receive at a dentist’s office. However Smile Brilliant costs about 70% less!

You begin the process by making your impressions with the putty and plastic trays they provide, and they are fairly easy and quick to make! Don’t worry if you accidentally mess up one of the impressions, the kit includes extra materials for another impression.

You’ll then use the enclosed pre-paid postage to ship your impressions back to Smile Brilliant. After receiving your impressions, their lab creates your personal teeth whitening trays and mails them back to you in about 3-5 business days.

The Whitening Process

After receiving your perfect fit custom trays, you can start the whitening process! You want to put an even layer of the teeth whitening gel in your trays, but just enough to make sure your teeth are coated. You want to avoid getting the whitening gel on your gums.

I began by leaving my trays in for about 45 minutes, just to be sure my teeth weren’t going to be too sensitive. Immediately after whitening I used the desensitizing gel for 20 minutes. It was that easy!

I continued to use the whitening gel for 60 minutes each time, and about 5 times a week. I used the desensitizing gel every other session for 20 minutes, and continues this process for about 2 weeks. Not only did I see whitening results almost immediately, but I didn’t have tooth sensitivity!

The Results

Now, I’m sure the part you have been waiting for, the results! I am so happy with the results I had after using Smile Brilliant. I cannot believe how white my teeth got in such a short amount of time! People noticed the difference after just one week!

As you can see in my uncomfortably close before & after photos, the system has helped remove my stubborn stains! The best part? Smile Brilliant provides professional and safe results in the comfort of your own home, and you save some major cash!

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Coupon Code

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You can also read these tips for more info: “What to know before buying.”


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